Record your alcohol intake

If you are looking for a way to understand your drinking habits in an effort to reduce your alcohol intake, you may find it useful to download an informative drink tracking app for your smartphone, or print off an easy-to-use drinking diary.

Smartphone application

The Drinkaware app allows you to track your alcohol consumption, alcohol calorie intake and spend over time, in order to help you understand the potential impact of your drinking, and offer you support with cutting down. The Drinkaware app offers:

  • An easy way to track the units and calories in your drinks
  • An extensive database of alcohol brands for accurate tracking and a new search bar feature to help you find your drinks quickly with ease
  • Information about the health benefits of cutting down

Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play Now!

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Drink diary

Our handy 2-week drinking diary allows you to record your total alcohol intake per day, in order to help you understand how much and how frequently you are drinking, as well as record your success in reducing your intake. The drink diary includes a quick reference guide to help you calculate the number of units that you are consuming each day.

The free drink diary can be downloaded by clicking the button below:

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If your willpower needs a helping hand, and you would like some support and advice in cutting down the number of alcoholic drinks that you consume, you can contact your healthcare professional, or confidentially contact one of our private partners which can be accessed through the homepage. Alternatively, visit the 'How can I reduce' section of our website for tips on reducing your alcohol intake, and for more information on the types of help available.