Driet.co.uk is an online resource for information about Driet: the drinking diet, a new initiative to help you reduce your alcohol intake if you think you may be drinking too much. Just like a food diet, the Driet is not about giving up alcohol altogether, but about developing a better understanding of your drinking and reducing your intake to a more healthy level, whilst continuing to enjoy a glass socially.

Are you ready to welcome 2016 with a drinking diet?

It's that time of year – after all the Christmas festivities and New Year's celebrations, our bodies will be in need of a break. If you think you'll have had your share of fizz and mulled wine during December, why not try a drinking diet or 'Driet' in January?

Reducing your alcohol intake to no more than one glass of wine or one pint of beer per day can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing, as well as improve your bank balance! Sign up for the Driet today and receive weekly tips on how to reduce including advice to help you stick with it. Hopefully you'll feel like a new you after 31 days, and may want to stick with the Driet a little longer!

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Reducing alcohol intake can have many health benefits, and may be a suitable alternative to stopping drinking altogether for some people:

  • If you are drinking more than one 175ml glass of wine (13% ABV) a day, you could be impacting your health, and you should think about reducing your alcohol intake1
  • Alcohol can cause a wide range of health issues in women, from anxiety, stress and skin problems to poor sleep and a general lack of energy. It is also a contributing factor to serious long-term problems such as cancer and liver disease1,2
  • Drinking too much can also lead to weight gain over time3,4
  • Limiting your alcohol intake can reduce your risk of these long and short term health problems and may also avoid alcohol-related weight gain

Sometimes habits can be hard to break and willpower may need a helping hand. Driet: the drinking diet is here to help you understand how much you are drinking and provide you with the tools you need to reduce your alcohol intake.

If you would like additional support and advice in cutting down the number of drinks that you consume, you can contact a healthcare professional, or confidentially contact one of our private partners, which can be accessed at the top of the page.

Find out more

Learn more about the Driet here when and why you should reduce here and take a look at some of our further resources, including our top ten tips on reducing.

Test your knowledge and see how many calories are in your favourite alcohol drink with our matching challenge here.

"In my general practice I regularly see the impact of increased alcohol intake on the health of women. Reducing alcohol intake not only has significant health benefits, but economic and social positives as well."

- Dr Sarah Jarvis

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